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ongoing work with h2dance h2dance

also ongoing work with Jacky Lansley

film-maker Takako Nakasu,


Latest release 2018: Sylvia & I "The Holding Breath" on cassette and download


Recent recordings with Anna Homler "The Many Moods of Bread and Shed" released in May 2012 on Orchestra Pit label, OP14. You can buy from me - send me an email - or direct from The Orchestra Pit

contribution to David Toop's "Entities Inertias Faint Beings" (ROOM 40) 2016

contribution to Cliff Stapleton's "The Tumbling of Creatures" (on Woodbird) 2016


co-produced and contributed remixes to Clive Bell's solo album "Asakusa Follies"Asakusa Follies CUSP 004 2017 CUSP



October/November 2018

coming up

17th Oct gig at Cafe Oto with Amy Cutler, opposite Delphine Dora

18th gig in Canterbury, Free Range

19th Oct solo gig in Birmingham Club Integral

20th Oct duo gig with Chris Dowding at Hundred Years Gallery as part of Bill Thompson's Mercury Over Maps

31st Oct gig with Arc string trio in Brighton

1st November gig with Jagged Mountain in St Augustine's Church Brighton

For other gigs I usually post them on my facebook page

Sylvia playing bicycle wheel
cpt theatre dec 04

WITH MY SITE: Check out my photo pages for examples of my recent performances - most photos by Sean Kelly.



October 2018

20th Playing with Chris Dowding at Hundred Years Gallery as part of Bill Thompson's Mercury Over Maps

19th Playing solo at Club Integral Birmingham

18th Playing with Anna Braithwaite and Gemma Storr at Free Range Canterbury

17th Playing with Amy Cutler at Cafe Oto supporting Delphine Dora

7th Gig with Chris Dowding and Colleen O'Brien at The Vortex

2nd Gig with Arc - Sylvia Hallett, Gus Garside and Danny Kingshill celebrating 30 years of playing together at Skronk, New River Studios London

September 2018

28th Played in Tropical Gothic evening  at Cafe Oto with Mike Cooper and Clive Bell

20th Gig at Cafe Oto Project Space in trio with Graham Dunning and Kelly Jayne Jones

16th performed in a reading of "The Last Woodwose" at Jubilee Hall Aldeburgh for Wonderful Beast

14th played in Hackoustic at Iklectik, with Amy Cutler poet and geographer.

August 2018

Performed in Colourscape in Bath with Mike Adcock

19th to 21st Played in Fete Quaqua (mopomoso festival) at Vortex

11th Colourscape in Bristol International Balloon Fiesta playing with Michael Ormiston

5th London Improvisers Orchestra at Iklectik

July 2018

28th played with Heliocentrics in Lunar Festival (Solihull)

14th/15th Colourscape in Buckfastleigh, playing with Ansuman Biswas

11th gig with Amy Cutler at Iklectik

6th gig with Artur Vidal E5

4th gig with Chris Dowding at Anteros in Norwich

1st Resonance fm Ambrosia Rasputin's program with Amy Cutler

June 2018

24th gig in Spooner Row Church with Chris Dowding as part of Wymondham Festival

23rd gig with London Hardingfelelag at Leigh Folk Festival. in The Fishermen's Chapel

14th London Improvisers Orchestra at The Cinema Museum

9th solo gig at Pulse Festival, Blackhorse Mews, London

May 2018

27th Colourscape in Waddesdon, playing with Mike Adcock

24th gig with Amy Cutler in St Pancras Old Church, supporting Erland Cooper

20th gig Mopomoso at the Vortex, playing in duo with Ian McGowan (trumpet)

19th Colourscape Birmingham Cannon Hill Park, with Mike Adcock

18th Performed in Elaine Mitchener's "Sweet Tooth" at Museum of London Docklands

5th gig with Chris Dowding and Dave Ross St Paul's Church Marylebone.

2nd Opera North - Liverpool community performance of "An Introduction to....Salome" with Anthony Haddon

April 2018

26th gig with Amy Cutler as part of a Forest themed event at William Morris Gallery Walthamstow

17th to 22nd Opera North Leeds community performances of "An Introduction to....Salome" with Anthony Haddon

9th/10th Opera North community performances of "An Introduction to....Salome" with Anthony Haddon

March 2018

21st composed music for and performed in "About Us" dir./choreographerJacky Lansley at Oxford House Theatre, London

18th gig with Arc (Gus Garside and Danny Kingshill) at Iklectik

16th gig at Iklectik with Catherine Pluygers et al to celebrate women's contribution to improvised music.

8th composed music for and performed in "About Us" dir./choreographerJacky Lansley at Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool

2nd composed music for and performed in "About Us" dir./choreographerJacky Lansley at De Montfort University Leicester

February 2018

24th/25th  leading workshops at SDIPT (Dance Research Studio)

23rd performed in Elaine Mitchener's "Sweet Tooth" New Nuffield Theatre Southampton

22nd performed in Elaine Mitchener's "Sweet Tooth"St George's Bloomsbury Way London

January 2018

15th to 25th Opera North community performances of "An Introduction to....A Masked Ball" with Anthony Haddon


December 2017

16th gig at The Old Dentist with Amy Cutler (poet)

12th gig at The Old Dentist with London Hardingfelelag

November 2017

23rd performed in Elaine Mitchener's "Sweet Tooth" at Bluecoat Arts Centre Liverpool

8th gig with Amy Cutler at the Peckham Pelican

Wonderful Beast Tour of Thea Smiley's "The Return of the Wildman" ,1st - Orford Castle, 2nd - Avenue Theatre Ipswich, 3rd - Orford Castle, 4th - St Peter's by the Waterfront Ipswich, 5th - The Thatched Barn Iken.

October 2017

Wonderful Beast Tour of Thea Smiley's "The Return of the Wildman" 27th - Lowestoft Seagull Theatre, 28th/29th - Herring Festival Halesworth, 31st - Southwold Arts Centre

10th Premiere of h2dance's Strangers and Others in Woking , music composed by Sylvia Hallett

1st gig at Lewisham Arts Cafe with Viv Corringham's Seven Sisters of Smyrna

September 2017

24th accompanying a Japanese silent film A Page of Madness by Teinesuke Kinagasa (1926) along with Clive Bell shakuhachi, Keiko Kitamura koto, and Tomoko Komura benshii as part of Japanese Avant-garde and Experimental Film Festival, Lucas Lecture Theatre, King's College London

22nd gig in duo with Chris Dowding at Ryan's Bar 

12th  gig string trio Arc at Sonic Imperfections, Montague Arms 

8th Preview performance of  STRANGERS AND OTHERS h2dance, at Roehampton, for which I have composed the music.

Performed on 2nd as part of a 30 musician event in Goldsmiths Great Hall, GATES by Bill Thompson. 

August 2017

Solo performance on 28th as part of Tottenham Soundscapes 4, All Saints Church, Tottenham , alongside trevor Watts and Beibei Wang

Performance on 27th in Colourscape, Stroud, in duo with Mike Adcock

Gig on 17th at The Klinker, No.Where, Bethnal Green, in duo with trumpeter Chris Dowding

July 2017

Performance on 12th in Kristiansand, Norway of h2dance's SAY SOMETHING

June 2017

Gig on 22nd with poet Amy Cutler and drummer Alecks Nielson at The Moth Club, Six Organs of Admittance

Solo gig on 17th at Deptford Town Hall, alongside Jan Hendickse, Tom Mudd, Bill Thompson, and Phil Durrant 

Gig on 14th at café Oto for the launch of Clive Bell's solo album Asakusa Follies on CUSP

which I had helped to produce and did some remixes on.


Gig on 7th at iklectik as part of Catherine Pluygers' evening EDGE.

Gig on 4th with London Improvisers Orchestra at iklectik

May 2017

Gig on 6th as part of the Remaking Nature, Liar Lyre event at the Wellcome Collection, curated by poet Amy Cutler

April 2017

Gig on 17th in duo with Chris Dowding at York Tavern,Norwich.

Gig on 23rd at Hundred Years Gallery with Mark Brown, James Malone, and Douglas Benford The Voluptuousness of hearing


Gig on 14th at i'klectik arts lab as part of a celebration of women's contribution to improvised music, organised by Catherine Pluygers.


Performance by the London Hardingfelelag at Norwegian Seamen's St Olav's Church in Rotherhithe


Gig with trumpeter Chris Dowding at Hundred Years Gallery Haggerston

Performance with Eva Karczag dancer Occur Recur, part of Twofold plus One at Siobhan Davies Studios.


Gig with Clive Bell (The Geographers)at John Russell's i'klectik Ballistic .

Performance with Anthony Haddon of An Introduction to Billy Budd by Benjamin Britten for Opera North, touring to Edinburgh.


Led an immersive singing weekend for The Wonderful Beast Singers in Aldburgh.

Performances with Anthony Haddon of An Introduction to Billy Budd by Benjamin Britten for Opera North, touring to Newcastle, Manchester and Nottingham.

Research and Development Performance of Jacky Lansley's About Us for which I composed the soundtracks, at Siobhan Davies Studios.


Gig at Flim flam club London N16 in duo with trumpeter Chris Dowding.

Premiere of Elaine Mitchener's Sweet Tooth at St George's Church Bloomsbury Way, London.

Performances of An Introduction to Billy Budd by Benjamin Britten for Opera North to community partners and schools in and around Leeds.                    


Gig at Hundred Year Gallery with Douglas Benford, David Toop and Billy Steiger.

Worked with Anthony Haddon on Opera North's An Introduction to Billy Budd.

Gig with London Improvisers Orchestra at St Mary's new Church N16.


Solo site-specific performance at All Hallows Church Tottenham, part of the Tottenham Soundscapes series.

Solo gig at Bobby Barry's Zero Wave at The Harrison.

Led vocal workshop for Mary Benefiel's group Anam Cora in Ipswich.                    

Residency Research and Development of Elaine Mitchener's Sweet Tooth with Jason Yarde and Mark Sanders, in Snape Maltings, Aldeburgh.                    


Performances with Anthony Haddon in Gods Gold and Giants Opera North's production of Wagner's Ring Cycle for 5 year olds. At St Mary's Heritage, Gateshead, and South Bank, London.

Performance at Wysing Festival with David Toop, Elaine Mitchener and Roger Turner.


Research and Development work on Elaine Mitchener's Sweet Tooth at Southampton University.

Gig with Julie Kjaer at Café Oto Project Space.

Workshop for Dance Research Studio.                    

Performing with Anthony Haddon in Gods Gold and Giants Opera North's production of Wagner's Ring Cycle for 5 year olds.At the Lowry, Salford                    


Working on performance of Gods Gold and Giants for Opera North with actor Anthony Haddon, an interactive show for 6 year olds upwards and their families inspired by the story and music of Wagner's Ring Cycle

Solo gig at the Arts Cafe in Manor Park organised by Richard Sanderson of Linear Obsessional

Performed in the Wonderful Beast production of THE RETURN OF THE WILDMAN by Thea Smiley, actor Martin Bonger, directed by Alys Kihl, with the Wonderful Beast Singers- Sea shanties and my own soundscapes. Part of Storm of Stories Festival

Also played for the step-dancers Lennie Whiting and Doreen West as part of the Tea and Tales event at the Pumphouse Aldeburgh


Gig at the Klinker club, Apiary studios with Viv Corringham and Clive Bell aka The Seven Sisters of Smyrna.

Duo gig at Boat-Ting with Matilda Rolfsson

Gig with London Improvisoers Orchestra at St Mary's Old Church.


Gig at I'klectik Arts with Thomas Kumlehn and Jerry Wigens aka Esha Jotwe Teka.

Gig with Dave Tucker, double bass, Roger Turner percussion, and Juun, zither at I'klectik.

Gig to celebrate International Women's day at I'klectik organised by Catherine Pluygers                    


Benefit Gig for Wonderful Beast at The Jubilee Hall Aldeburgh - Bottom's Dream


Performed in Wonderful Beast's variety show - Bottom's Dream - at Wilton's Music Hall

Performance with Eva Karczag dancer and Chris Crickmay visual artist, Walking With Water at Siobhan Davies studios

Gig with Clive Bell - The Geographers - at I'klectik.                    



Gig at cafe Oto with Sharon Gal, voice, David Toop,electronics, and Beibei Wang,percussion.

Gig with Mike Adcock and Steven Grew at Exposed Club Cheltenham.

Gig with Clive Bell (The Geographers) at The Vortex.


Performances of An Introduction to Jenufa by Janacek for Opera North, touring to Newcastle, Manchester and Nottingham. Actor Anthony Haddon.

Duo gig with Ian MacGowan, trumpet, at Flim-Flam club, Ryan's Bar London N16.


Premiere of h2dance's STAGING AGES at The Place, London.

performances of An Introduction to Jenufa by Janacek for Opera North to community partners in Leeds.


Composed and performed music for The Return of the Wildman by Thea Smiley, performed by Martin Bonger and the Wonderful Beast Singers as part of the High Tide festival in Aldeburgh.

Gig with London Improvisers Orchestra at St Mary's new Church N16.


Worked with Eva Karczag, dancer, and Chris Crickmay, visual artist on a new project, WALKING WITH WATER a residency in Matsesgarden Sweden which I could not be there in person as I had a broken bone in my foot, but contributed sound files from London.

performed as part of Ivan Volkov Summer Strings at Cafe Oto.


Solo Performance in Vignemuseum in a vineyard in Friuli, Italy, to celebrate 100 years of the life of Livio Felluga.


Performed with Colourscape in Sevenoaks.

Playing music for films at Catherine Pluygers' Film Night at i-klectik with ensemble Tryptich.

Gig at Eastbeat Kinsley Hall.

Gig with Susanna Ferrar, Jerry Wigens, Neil Metcalfe and Caroline Kraabel playing scores by Renee Baker at Blackheath school.


Composed music for first preview performance of h2dance's STAGING AGES at Trestle Theatre, St Albans.

Gig with London Improvisers Orchestra.

Gig with Matilda Rolfsson, percussion at Arch One.

Gig with Susanna Ferrar, Jerry Wigens, Neil Metcalfe and Caroline Kraabel playing graphic scores by Renee Baker at St Mary's Old Church N16.


Performed for Opera North's Indoor Camping event with story-teller Ursula Holden-Gill our version of the opera Swanhunter by Jonathan Dove.

Performed medieval music with Clive Bell and Hannah Marshall at the British Museum.

Performance with COLOURSCAPE with Clive Bell and Ansuman Biswas in Waddesdon.


Gig at Club Integral with Dave Tucker, double bass and Juun, zither.

Performance of music to accompany the film WALK CHEERFULLY by Ozu, with Clive Bell, with benshi performance by Tomoko Komura as part of film festival Birmingham in St Paul's Church.

Gig with Seven Sisters of Smyrna (Clive Bell, Viv Corringham, Sylvia Hallett) at the Montague Arms, London.

London Improvisers Orchestra gig


Gig with Jude Montague Cohen at Eastbeat Kingsley Hall.

Performance of h2dance's SAY SOMETHING for children's choir in Bournemouth.

Gig duo with Terry Day at Arch One.

Gig with Susanna Ferrar and Jerry Wigens at preview of an exhibition of paintings by Annelise.

2 Performances of PNEUMA collaboration with Miranda Tufnell and David Ward at St John the Evangelist Church in Oxford.


Work with Miranda Tufnell and David Ward performance in Coventry of new work PNEUMA.



taking part in Mycelium in Oxford.


trio gig at Club Integral with Viv Corringham and Clive Bell aka The Seven Sisters of Smyrna - a mix of rembetika and psychedelic electronics

performance with Elaine Mitchener at St George's Church.

First performance of PNEUMA project, collaboration between Miranda Tufnell, David Ward, Sylvia Hallett with Cai Thomas, Eeva-Maria Mutka and Jonah Brody at The Natural History Museum, Oxford.


h2dance's Say Something for children performed by the Norge Jentekor in Oslo.

performances of The Cop Show for Opera North to community groups in Leeds - an introduction to The Coronation Of Poppaea.

performances of Gus Garside's Sleepwalkers in Brighton and London.


Performance of Gus Garside's Sleepwalkers at Newhaven Fort Process festival.

performances of the Cop Show for Opera North.

Solo performance at St John's Church Bethnal Green.

Gig with Sue Ferrar at St Mary's Old Church as part of the Peace Event.

Performed with Colourscape in Rotherham festival.

Performed in Cafe Oto project space as part of Guillaume Viltard's Collected Strings.


Performed with Colourscape in Bath.

performance of The Autograph Book of Enid Briggs with Sue Ferrar at Cafe Oto as part of No Glory evening.


Performances of h2dance's Say Something for children at SHIFT festival at The Place.

Performed with Colourscape in Sheffield.


Gig with Ian McGowan at Foley Street improvisation series.

Gig with Thomas Kumlehn and Jerry Wigens at The Rag Factory London.


Gig with Cliff Stapleton and Clive Bell at The Doghouse.


Performed at King's Place as part of Evan Parker's 70th Birthday Celebration.

Gig with Triptik at Pushkin House, playing improvised music with films.


Performed in Wonderful Beast's production of The Six Swans, a community folk opera by Richard Chew, in Aldeburgh.

Gig with Susanna Ferrar and Rachel Gomme, dancer at St Mary's Old Church, London.

London Improvisers Orchestra gig


Gig with Cliff Stapleton (hurdy-gurdy) and Clive Bell at Club Integral.

Gig with Mike Adcock and Clive Bell (BAH) at Club Integral.


Work with h2dance in Vaasa, Finland.

Gig with ARC (Gus Garside and Danny Kingshill) at The King and Queen, Foley Street.



debut duo gig at Boat-ting with Ian Smith on trumpet.


Performance of "Who Will Go Mad With Me" at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival with David Toop, Alasdair Roberts and Luke Fowler.

trio gig at Boat-ting with Caroline Kraabel sax and Kay Grant voice and electronics

London Hardingfelelag gig in the foyer of Kings Place 17th November.

ARC - Gus Garside bass and electronics, Danny Kingshill cello, Sylvia Hallett violin and electronics gig in Brighton Spirit of Gravity.

Performance of Duet by h2dance at The Place, London


Gigs with ARC at the Safehouse in Brighton, and at The Others, Club Integral, London.

performance of Leopard ladies, a music and dance event at Chisenhale.

Gig with Mike Adcock and Clive Bell (BAH) at the Exposed Club, Cheltenham.

Gig with Bread and Shed at Boat-ting.


Gigs with Bread and Shed at Scaledown (King and Queen, Foley Street) and at Luna Fringe, Leytonstone.

Took part in recording of London Improvisers Orchestra for Cat Hope's composition for her film.

Gig with ARC at Arch 1.

Led a voice with movement workshop at The Albert.


Gig with Neil Metcalfe (flute) and Noel Taylor (clarinet) at Arch 1

Residency at The North Wall, Oxford collaborating with Christopher Sivertsen and Lucy Maycock on developing a play called "Altogether Now".


Gig with Cross-dressed string quartet at The Horse.


h2dance performance of Say Something at The Albert.

Performed the Peter Grimes Story with Clive Merrison, and the Rime of the Ancient Mariner with Kikka Markham at The Pump house, Aldeburgh, produced by Wonderful Beast.

Gig with Clive Bell (The Geographers) at The Others, Club Integral, London.


Anna Homler and I performed as BREAD and SHED in May 2013 at the Victoriaville Festival FIMAV Montreal.

Gig with Clive Bell at Funk Dunk - playing in the Kentish Town Swimming Baths while people swim.

.Composed music for Caged, film by Takako Nakasu


Performed live music with Clive Bell to the silent film Walk Cheerfully by Ozu at the BFI.

Composed music for Anusha Subramanyam's work with over 60's in Ipswich, including a film.

h2dance performance of DUET at the Place Prize - they won the audience vote!)


Gig with Triptik (Catherine Pluygers, Adrian Northover and Adam Bohman)accompanying silent films, in Pushkin House.

Gig at Funk Dunk, Kentish Town swimming pool.


Gig with cross-dressed string quartet at The Klinker.

London Improvisers Orchestra.


Played at Funk Dunk with Illi Adato.


December 2012

composed the music for Anusha Subramanyam's dance piece Golden Peacock first performance in Chenai Dec 2012.

Perormed at Chisenhale Dance Space with Leopard Ladies - Anne-Gaelle Thiriot, Laura Doehler, Jessamine Landamore, and Valeria Tello Giusti.


composed the music for a short film by Takako Nakasu and Elena Jacinta Re-remembered.

Performed in and musically directed Strange Fish a show of folk-tales by Wonderful Beast


h2dance took part in The Place Prize  semi-final with their new piece, Duet, for which I composed the music. They  won the audience vote and are now through to the finals in April 2013.

performed in Simon Allen's  work, Resonance at the Still Point of Change, in the Purcell Room.

Perormed in David Toop's opera, Star Shaped Biscuit, in Snape Maltings, Aldeburgh.

Improvised gig with Susannah Ferrar at Arch 1.


h2dance took the show Say Something to Edinburgh Festival (Summerhall), where we used a specially formed choir of local interested people.


h2dance also worked on a site-specific outdoor version of Say Something  for the cultural Olympiad along the River Lea in Waltham Abbey Gardens.

Performed with Elizabeth Cook in her reading of Achilles  in Exeter University


Performed in Helen Petts' Throw Them Up and Let Them Sing in The Sage, Gateshead

Tour in May and June of London with Anna Homler to celebrate release of CD The Many Moods of Bread and Shed

Touring of h2dance CHOIR PROJECT: "Say Something"  in April/May with Svartlemon HardKor Choir in Trondheim and Uranienborg Choir in Oslo with h2dance (Heidi Rustgaard and Hanna Gillgren).



Performance of "Promenade 5 - Present Company" with Eva Karczag and Chris Crickmay as part of WINLAB at the Siobhan Davies studios.


h2dance touring Say Something in Sweden

Performances of "Yes", Wonderful Beast's cabaret tribute to the poetry of Adrian Mitchell where I get to play honky-tonk piano. At The Rosemary Branch.


Work with Nenagh Watson puppeteer on rediscovering Mr Punch. Presentation at Central School of Speech and Drama.


3 solo gigs -at cafe oto, playing hurdy-gurdy with electronics, at mopomoso at the Vortex, playing bicycle wheel and Hardinger fiddle, and in the museo Wolf Vostell, Caceres, Spain, playing bowed bicycle wheel and FX.

First performances of h2dance's interactive bicycle powered piece "ON/OFF", The music was played on two cassette tape-recorders powered by the audience cycling, while local dancers from Chatham danced in an disused car showroom.

Work with Lucinda Jarrett playing music for a presentation on The Art of Touch.


A week's residency in Volda, Norway, developing h2dance choir project for use with children's choirs.

A week of developing improvising processes with Eva Karczag and Chris Crickmay in Arnhem, Netherlands.


sessions with Sheridan Tongue, playing for the soundtrack of DCI Banks.


I took part in the Landskappleik in Norway along with the other members of the London hardingfelelag. It took place in Seljord this year and it rained a lot but we were well received.

I played a solo gig at cafe oto as part of TAPS, an exciting evening of improvisations with Paul Burwell, and also a tribute to his life and work.

Played in ancient woodland in Cambridgeshire for a weekend of dance in outdoor  spaces. The wind made my harpstrings sing, a ghostly song.

Performance with David Toop in the Swiss Church, with E.laine and Lore Lixemborg.


tour around Berlin, Potsdam, Marquardt, with Esha Jotwe Teka (myself, Jerry Wigens and Thomas Kumlehn) and Jamie Colman.


Residency at The North Wall in Oxford creating the music for a group of young dancers choreographed by Angus Balbernie.

perormance of Yes, Wonderful Beast's caberet tribute to Adrian Mitchell in New Buckenham, Norfolk.


took part in a week's residency in a Somerset farmhouse, investigating the relationship between somatic movement work and science and philosophy, organised by PALLABS and Gill Clarke of Inependent Dance.


Gig in Haugesund, Norway, with Mike Adcock in nov 2010

Tour of Berlin in oct/nov 2010 with Thomas Kumlehn, Jerry Wigens, and Sean Burn.

Residencies with h2dance (Heidi Rustgaard and Hanna Gillgren) in the Spring and Summer of 2010 in Saffle, Sweden, and Drammen, Norway.

In June performed "Promenade 3" with Chris Crickmay and Eva Karczag in Coventry Summer Dancing festival.

Summer and Autumn 2009

Residencies in Vestfossen, Norway, and Faro, Portugal with h2dance (Heidi Rustgaard and Hanna Gillgren) in the Summer and Autumn of 2009 also working with them at Choreodrome and Touchwood at The Place London

Solo gig 21st sept at Boat Ting 2009

Started rehearsing David Toop's new opera "T he Star-shaped Biscuit"at Snape in Suffolk.

three four-hour performances as part of Summer Dancing in Coventry (The Herbert Gallery) with Eva Karczag and Chris Crickmay

Work with Hanna Gillgren who choreographed the third year students at The Place

Spring 2009

work with Eva Karczag and Chris Crickmay at Laban, site specific durational performance.

Worked with Heidi Rustgaard who choreographed the third year students at London Metropolitan University.

Autumn 2009

Duo gig with Clive Bell in Poole Dorset in Nov.

release of ACOUSTIC DREAM, (Clive Bell, Roberto Filoseta, Sylvia Hallett)

UH Recordings Ltd

Summer 08

I worked with Wonderful Beast (Aldeburgh) on the production "The Dead Moon" a tale of Suffolk Smugglers, which toured around Suffolk and Norfolk in June and July.

International Workshop Festival, I co-led a workshop "Opening the Door" exploring the relationship between movement, breath, imagination and health. With Miranda Tufnell, Gill Clarke, and Chris Crickmay.

I led workshops in live soundscaping at the North Wall Summer School for young drama students in Oxford in August.

In July I worked with Ansuman Biswas at the National Theatre Studio : research and development on "Gilgamesh" directed by Jonathan Munby.

Other gigs: Laburnum Street Party with cross dressed string quartet, Orchestra Pit with Mike Adcock, Mopomoso at the Vortex with ARC string Trio, Klinker gig and Montague Arms with Olympic Clampdown, Jazz Rumours with Susanna Ferrar and Rachel Gomme (dancer)

Gigs with LaXula :Isle of Wight Bestival, Dortmund, Dranouter, Eklow, Larmer Tree, National Theatre (Watch this Space), Nuremberg, Caceres, Green Note, Wellingborough, Hanover, Brighton Komedia, Islington Academy.

Spring 08

gigs with LaXula: Norwich, Nottingham, Madrid, Valladolid, RFH Ballroom, Crawley, Moonfest Morocco. Gigs with ARC string trio in Brighton (Safehouse) Boat-ting and Mopomoso Vortex, London. Gigs with London Improvisers Orchestra at the Amadeus Centre and HMS President. Solo gig at Klinker stage B (Maggies Bar), gig with Susannah Ferrar and Rachel Gomme at Boat-ting.

Ongoing work with Wonderful Beast, and with the Open College of the Living Body (Miranda Tufnell and other dancers working in the field of health)

Jan 08

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, 369 Fulham Road, London, a gig with Susanna Ferrar (violin) and Rachel Gomme (dancer)

Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec,2007

I performed in Lost Dog's choreography Before you can run for the dance company, From Here to Maturity, which I composed the music for. We toured round England, including Margate, Kendal and the Purcell Room London.

LaXula gigs, included playing at the Round House, Thames festival, Trondheim, (Norway), Amsterdam and Den Hague (Netherlands), the Bagabond Boogaloo club in Dalston, and The Sage Newcastle upon Tyne

I composed a sound score for St Edwards School in Oxford, production of Neil Bartlett's adaptation of Dickens' Great Expectations. Directed by Lucy Maycock

Performance installation at Dartington College of Arts Gallery space, with Eva Karczag, dancer, and Chris Crickmay, visual artist.

August 07

played at Scheer Festival (South Germany) along with Clive Bell, Mike Adcock and Jochen Irmler (FAUST). Also worked with Ed Kemp and Lucy Maycock on a summer drama project at St Edwards school, Oxford

July 07

Played with LaXula in Leuwen (Belgium), Danston Park, Brent Festival, Komedia (Brighton), Darbucka Bar, The Cross Kings, and WOMAD

First performance of Before you can run choreographed by Lost Dog for the dance company From Here to Maturity.

Solo gig at Laban Centre cafe. plus a set with Olympic Clampdown.

Jun 07

Played with Olympic Clampdown at Camberwell Green festival. Gig with LaXula at Wychwood Festival (Cheltenham)and GLASTONBURY Festival. Zany cross-dressed violin quintet at the Vortex Klinker.

May 07

gigs with LaXula at Barbican Foyer (World Music Awards), and Bath Fringe festival, with London Improvisers Orchestra at the Freedom of the City festival. Played with Olympic Clampdown at The Klinker Nunhead.

Apr 07

gig with LaXula at Sadlers Wells (part of La Linea festival) and in a squat in Leytonstone. Cross-dressed violin quartet at the Klinker Nunhead.

Mar 07

solo gig in Brighton for international women's week.

took part in 2 performances commemorating the life of Paul Burwell

Feb 07

4th Feb transmission of Two Men from Delft, radio drama by Stephen Wakelam, on Radio 3 . Directed by Jeremy Mortimer, music by Sylvia Hallett, bass viol played by Vanessa Coode. The play is about the use of lenses in the late 17th century, by the artist Vermeer and his friend Van Leuwenhoek who discovered the microscopic world of the "animalcules".

played with The cross-dressed quartet at Boat ting (temple Pier, The Thames) - Hugh Metcalfe, Dylan Bates, Susannah Ferrar and myself all with our alter-egos on show playing violins.

played in duo with Clive Bell as the Geographers, at Boat Ting

Jan 07

duo gig with Clive Bell at the Safehouse, The Openhouse Pub, Springfield Road, Brighton)

Nov/Dec 06

2 solo gigs (violin, voice, saw, bicycle wheel and electronics), one on Boat Ting (Temple Pier, the Thames), the other in All Frontiers Festival in Gradisca D'Isonzo (Italy)

played with the London Improvisers Orchestra, both at the Red Rose and as part of the London Film Festival, accompanying the silent film "Theda" by Georgina Starr.

Nov 05 till Nov 06

I played in and musically directed The RSC's production of Canterbury Tales, which opened December 05 in Stratford, toured round Britain, Washington D.C., Barcelona and Almagro and then played for 4 months in the West End at the Gielgud Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue. Music by Adrian Lee featuring some jolly medieval tunes.


Sept 06

played with Clive Bell at the Red Rose, Finsbury Park, as part of a benefit for Lol Coxhill.

May 06

played with Clive Bell and Roberto Filoseta in the Hertford University MAYFEST

Feruary 06

solo gig at Boat Ting

October 05

on tour in Southern Germany playing with Clive Bell, Mike Adcock, Mike Svoboda and Joachim Irmler (of FAUST)

September 05

gig with Caroline Kraabel and Kay Grant... at the Red Rose,

August 05

gig at the Klinker Nunhead, trio: Sylvia Hallett, Caroline Kraabel, Veryan Weston

solo gig at the Vortex, opposite Veryan Weston and others ...

July 05

Clive Bell and I played with Roberto Filoseta in the Santarcangelo festival in Italy.
I played sarangi for the Annual Review of Nottinghamshire Victim Support, and
played hurdy-gurdy and harp for a medieval music band "Gallows Rope" in Basingstoke.

June 05

Sylvia Hallett and Hilary Jeffery (brilliant trombone) at The Klinker

May 05
The Freedom of the City Festival, in trio with Caroline Kraabel and Veryan Weston, also with the London Improvisers Orchestra.

April 05
I spent a week in Dartington on a Music and Dance Exchange. Exciting and creative time. Then on holiday to Sardinia where Clive and I visited some 4000 year old houses.
Gig with Anna Homler at the Corsica Studios

March 05
Played Hardanger fiddle duos with Wilfred Gibson at Richard Sanderson's Scaledown club
It's a beautiful instrument.

Worked on some BBC radio commissions - "Pliny's Naturalis Historia" - music by Adrian Lee, Sylvia Hallett and Simon Rogers. Transmission 22.40 radio 3 26/3/05.
Also "Caesar!The best of mothers" - radio drama for R4. Transmission date in July.

Feb 05
as part of Free Radicals at the Red Rose, In duo with Simon Hyde, VJ artist - ( live improvised video manipulation). I played bicyle wheel, saw, violin and electronics.
I also played at the Spitz,in duo with Clive Bell, opposite Mike Adcock and Nils Okland (Hardanger fiddle player from Norway) and did a solo gig at the Lewisham Arthouse.

Dec 04
I played hurdy-gurdy and harp on a short tour with JOGLARESA, Belinda Sykes' medieval band, culminating in a sold-out gig at St Johns' Smith Square

Nov 04
Sylvia Hallett and Clive Bell played at the RED HEDGEHOG and then in dec, we played in Stuttgart and a few days later back in London at the cpt
Our new album called THE GEOGRAPHERS has just been released on EMANEM

Oct 04
Played musical saw and bicycle wheel for a ninja-tunes party launch of a new Hextatic album
Solo performance at the Kingston Rowing Club Hull.
Played music for a performance of ACHILLES by Elizabeth Cook, read by the author at Beverley Literary Festival.

Check out my photo pages for examples of my recent performances - most photos by Sean Kelly.

First performances and subsequent touring of h2dance CHOIR PROJECT: "Say Something" at The Place in February with the Goldsmiths Vocal Ensemble, then in November/December with Rabalder Choir in Goteborg, Basta Choir in Stockholm, and with the h2dance Choir in Colchester.